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Mentorship Session - Automating CIS Controls #1 & #2
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*Improves CMDB *Continuous Real Time
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Paul Warnagiris
Sr. Security Analyst @The Teneo Group
Paul Warnagiris has been working in the computer field, specializing in cyber security, since the early 90s. While at UUNet in 1998, Paul started to help enterprise clients securely connect to the Internet. In 2002 Paul joined as the CISO; Promontory Interfinancial, a Washington, DC FINTECH start-up. Paul’s groundwork and strategic direction for the security program is still in use today with networks that now process billions of dollars in daily transactions. To use his security expertise to benefit more companies, in July 2007 Paul started The Teneo Group (TTG). As Chief Executive, Paul's company focuses on solving cyber security challenges in a holistic way. This tailored approach is specific to the client’s immediate needs and focuses on Workforce, Cloud, Edge and Whole View. The Teneo Group Exists to Secure Your Network. https://www.linkedin.com/in/paul-warnagiris-509b904/
Adib Sarakby
Sr. Sales Engineer @Axonius
Adib Sarakby joined Axonius as a Sr. Sales Engineer. He works closely with the Sales, Channel, and Educational teams to continually enhance Axonius's products.CAASM is Adib's passion and he splits his time between showing companies how a credible comprehensive inventory with Axonius can help close security coverage gaps and automate/enforce security policies. https://www.linkedin.com/in/adib-sarakby-72086a88/